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We prioritise your dogs safety above all at HoH. Walks take place in familiar areas to us and them, ensuring they're relaxed and comfortable. This makes it easier to build trusting relationships.

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Stress free, you’ll be leaving your dog in the hands of our experienced carers with a check-in sent to you as they enjoy their stroll! It'll be like you never left their side.

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Our sessions are built around your dogs comfortability so you can get on with your day knowing they are in good hands. We understand each dog is different so a day plan will be tailored just for them.

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 Putting your dog first

A great way to build confidence and socialise your dog

Dog socialization is crucial to building a well-rounded, confident companion. Allowing your dog to run free and interact with a group of other dogs is a huge mental stimulus

We’ve seen huge improvements in dogs after attending our classes which alone have been enough to reduce leash reactivity and anxiety. Making them more comfortable in real-world social environments. 

We provide both group and individual daily dog exercise sessions and walking. We tailor each group based on characteristics and behavioural traits to fit your dog’s needs and ensure their time at HoH is enjoyed.


Socialisation is the gradual exposure of new sounds and situations that dogs will encounter throughout life.

At all of our daycare sessions we allocate time for some brain challenging activities, we like to include, scenting, treat puzzles, reward based obstacle training.

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Professional, reliable and enjoyable dog walks that leave your best friend excited for their next outing.

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We provide a drop in service for cats and small animals when your away or perhaps they just need to see a face in the day and be fed, either way we're there!

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Group play is important for dogs who struggle with social situations and also those who don't, it boosts confidence and reduces anxiety.

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Arnold, our in house supervisor making an appearance.

 Trusted Dog Carers

At HoH, we prioritise dog safety and more importantly, the feeling of relaxation for the owner when your best friend is in our company. Keep up to date with them throughout the day with pictures we send directly to you.

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Search for a dog walker

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Organise a free meet

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 Service Packages

Our small team of carers have 7+ years of experience around all types of dogs.

All of our team members have grown up around dogs, they’ve done it all! From general ownership to voluntary work at rescue centres caring and training for a wide range of dogs


1 HOUR- £14 3 HOURS- £35 5 HOURS- £50


45 MINS- £12 1 Hour- £15 2 HOURS- £22


1 HOUR- £15 2 HOURS- £26 DAY- £40 OVERNIGHT-£75

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 Trusted Dog Walker

What to expect from our puppy classes?

Our classes are for puppies aged 3-7 months. As we believe this time period is crucial for building confidence and socialisation.

Our sessions are 45 minutes long, a member of our team will guide the group through various activities, brain training and confidence building exercises. We also like to Implement positive reward based training, teaching some basic commands under the distractions of other puppies. Please contact us for prices regarding puppy training.

These sessions provide invaluable life skills and can be crucial to building a happy, confident dog.

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